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Committed to Your Holistic Wellness

We take pride in fostering a holistic approach to healthcare that addresses your physical, emotional, and lifestyle needs. The best thing about Enlightened Family Medicine is its dedicated team of healthcare professionals, driven by a passion for transforming lives through personalized care.

Board-certified family physician, Dr. Carrie Anderson brings 23 years of experience and a holistic approach to Enlightened Family Medicine. After years of honing her skills and teaching future doctors in Indianapolis, IN she landed in Milton with her husband Andy, ready to provide quality healthcare services. Committed to affordable, accessible healthcare, Dr. Anderson embraces the Direct Primary Care model to empower your well-being beyond treating symptoms.

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At Enlightened Family Medicine, we see the whole of you, not just your diagnosis. We believe in comprehensive healthcare that nurtures your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Through the Direct Primary Care model, we break down barriers, making excellent healthcare accessible to every patient.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative healthcare model where physicians partner with their patients to provide primary care services under a flat, periodic membership fee. By moving outside of the administrative burdens of the traditional insurance-based billing system, DPC practices are able to provide a wide spectrum of care in a transparent, affordable manner. DPC practices are able to do this while offering patients a higher level of service, communication, and relationship, than what is often found in our dysfunctional healthcare system.

The model is intended to restore the patient-physician relationship without the intrusion of insurance companies.

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